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How to perform Roadrunner email settings?
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Автор:  woakeschris [ 29 сен 2021, 12:40 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  How to perform Roadrunner email settings?

To perform Roadrunner Email Settings, you need to have an idea about certain technical skills. You should know how to navigate and set up certain settings. To get the full advantage and features of the Roadrunner email service, follow the below instructions:
1. Go to ‘My accounts’. It will be written on the left or right side of the account email panel.
2. Under my accounts, you need to click on the ‘Add Account’ option.
3. This will help you to add a new account.
4. Next, you are going to set up your own Roadrunner email address.
5. For the same, think about the username you would like to have.
6. It can be in the form of the: Name of your account@—-.(domain name).com’. The domain name here means you need to enter the name of your domain.
7. All the characters should be in lower case.
8. Next, you need to set up the password.
9. Think about the password, which would be difficult for others to find out.

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